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Beyond Baseline - Culture Design and Consulting Services

Aligning Values, Purpose, and Behaviors to not just survive, but thrive in our modern world.

For so many years, I was going through the motions, checking off the boxes and living a "beautiful" life. I was married with a family and a meaningful job yet I still felt empty. After a series of events, I found myself at rock bottom, none of my usual vices worked. I needed help. 

I took to western medicine to get back to my baseline. Baseline was no longer enough, I wanted to live with joy and purpose every day, I needed to start living beyond baseline. By breaking patterns, changing self-talk, and a series of interventions, I have been able to sustain this feeling of gratitude for every day. 

I believe every individual and group has the potential to achieve greatness and find joy guiding people (re) discover their true purpose. I now bring this light to the workplace and to my community, hoping to help transform the collective consciousness and create the world we wish our children to grow into. 

I was born with a hearing disability and an empath by nature, which allows me to fully connect with my clients and to see and solve beyond the words. I look for the gaps, ask a lot of questions, draw upon my diverse life experiences and reflect on my clients needs in unique ways. 

My Influences: The Gallup -Clifton Strengths program, Brene Brown and her work on shame/ vulnerability, Oprah and her SuperSoul Conversations, Priya Parker and.The Art of Gathering, and Marty Sellignman and positive psychology. And, finally, Eckhart Tolle and embracing the power mindfulness and presence.

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