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Beyond Baseline

Character Strengths + Positive Psychology for Well-Being

Individuals & Organizations


About Us

Beyond Baseline provides consulting services to improve personal, community, and corporate well-being. As the sole consultant, I am a Clifton Certified Strengths coach who leans on positive psychology, data, neuroscience to help people lead more authentic and conscious lives. I believe that if each of us lived the truest version of ourselves then the world would be a better place.


Our Approach


Our Services

Culture Design

Leadership Coaching for
Well-Being : 
Leaders at All Levels

This highly customized approach starts with the Clifton Strengths Assessment. With this data, we are able to connect on a deeper level and understand holistically what's getting in the way. No pre-determined session plans exist, we adapt to your stories and challenges, using our knowledge and science to help provide practical shifts to your every day. We work according to your schedule and needs. 

Individual & Family
Coaching for Well-Being

Leveraging the Gallup / Clifton Strengths Assessment, I help individuals re-connect their authentic self. Together, we develop a practical plan that ties into neuroscience and intrinsic motivational factors,to help bring more energy and purpose into the every day.


More awareness of your own / child/ spouses strengths can help you better manage responsibilities and activities, creating more love and compassion within the self and family unit.

Team Development
Culture Design

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast," says Peter Drucker, management consultant. Culture can be designed with leadership well-being at the forefront and operational shifts to support these efforts.  These efforts won't succeed in every organization, it takes intention, effort and work on all levels. Curious? Let's talk.


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Client Reviews

Testimonial from a Working Parent

"Sarah helped me align my values and purpose with my everyday actions. She sees right through my words and helps me connect to my greatest strengths in real and authentic ways (and also understand the dark side!).  With even a few simple tweaks, I was able to focus on what's important. If you're looking for help getting back on track, I highly recommend her coaching sessions."


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